Enhance Your Breasts Naturally

Achieve a Fuller Figure Without the Need for Surgery!

Introducing EVEBRA: Your Key to Natural Breast Enlargement

Ground breaking bioengineering led to the development of EVEBRA

EVEBRA, a revolutionary soft gel-like bra, employs a gentle and sustained mechanical tension mechanism to lift and gradually enhance your breasts. This natural approach harnesses the time-tested principle of tension-induced tissue growth. Similar to the way the tension from bone lengthening causes growth during childhood, EVEBRA utilizes this very same principle to stimulate breast enlargement. This technique, rooted in medical practices like tissue expanders and the Ilizarov apparatus, ensures a safe and effective journey to a fuller bust line.

  • Before EVEBRA
    EVEBRA Stage one of Vacuum Breast Enlargement
    Baseline State

    Original small breast before treatment. The inset shows normal tissue density. The grape-like structure represents the glandular tissue, while the small yellow spots depict the fat lobules.

  • 0-8 weeks of use
    EVEBRA Stage two of Vacuum Breast Enlargement
    Early EVEBRA effect

    Initiating the breast expansion process, EVEBRA creates a vacuum inside the domes that gently pulls the breast tissue outward. The figure above illustrates the loosening of normal tissue density as the tissues are gently stretched by the vacuum pull.

  • 10-20 weeks of use
    EVEBRA Stage three of Vacuum Breast Enlargement
    Late EVEBRA effect

    Over time, the sustained vacuum pressure places the tissues under chronic tension. This sustained tension stimulates the tissues to enlarge and naturally respond by replacing it with our body's natural filler—fat.

  • Late result after stopping
    EVEBRA Stage four of Vacuum Breast Enlargement
    Post EVEBRA

    After discontinuing EVEBRA wear, the swelling edema gradually subsides, revealing the lasting real breast enlargement from the newly deposited fat. It is known in the scientific world that chronic edema is adipogenic (generates fat).

What is tension-induced tissue growth?

  • When subjected to a gentle constant stretch, tissues tend to make room for the stretch by growing.
  • We grow from infancy to adulthood because it is our bones that get longer and stretch the surrounding soft tissues inducing them to grow.
  • This is a universal natural phenomenon scientifically observed in vascular, pulmonary, visceral, nervous, bony, muscular, and cutaneous tissues.
  • This method is used as tissue expanders in the Ilizarov device for limb lengthening and facial bones distraction.
  • No cancer risk has ever been associated with tension-induced tissue growth, it is actually thought to be cancer protective.
  • Tension-induced tissue growth has years of scientific validation.
  • An average of one cup size increase

  • A noticeable lift to the breast

  • An increase in self-esteem

  • EVEBRA Breast Enlargement Icon

    Enlargement unrelated to weight-gain or PMS swelling

EVEBRA Enlarges and Lifts Breasts

EVEBRA applies a multidimensional pull that grows and fills the breast with new tissue and offers increased tissue growth to the upper pole of the breast.

While results may vary from patient to patient, this graph represents the average breast enlargement as a percentage of the original size if EVEBRA is continuously worn every day for at least 50% of the time. (12 or more hours per day every day).

Your Breasts will continue to gradually grow with time; that is the visible breast growth. (Red line). Whenever you decide to stop using EVEBRA, the temporary, mostly swelling component of the visible breast growth, will slowly fade away (blue line) to leave you with the true tissue growth that you have slowly accumulated over time. The longer you wear EVEBRA, the more you will accumulate true breast enlargement.

Based on scientific studies, if you fully comply with the recommended protocol of continuous uninterrupted daily wear for at least 50% of the time, your breasts might potentially double in size after about 6 months of EVEBRA use.

The “Cinderella Effect”

While you might enjoy the temporary “Cinderella effect” of the visible swelling that result from short term use, only a fraction of that visible swelling is real tissue growth. Natural breast growth that happens during puberty takes months, even years, and EVEBRA is not going to outpace nature.
In order to achieve true breast growth, the edema must be maintained by uninterrupted daily wear of the EVEBRA over a few months. It is the accumulation of edema that is sustained over time which will result in true breast enlargement.

Scientists have proven that chronic edema is “adipogenic’; meaning the body tends to replace the fluid in the edema distended tissue with our natural filler which is fat. Our clinical data has shown that for true breast enhancement, the minimally effective wear pattern is to have the EVEBRA on for 50% of the time throughout the wear period.

50% Wear Time Graph: Over the course of a day, 24 hours, when you wear EVEBRA, your breasts will gradually swell because they slowly accumulate edema. When you take the EVEBRA off, the edema dissipates, and the breasts deflate. You will not progress unless some residual swelling still remains when you re-apply it the next day, such that day after day there is a slow gradual accumulation. The minimum amount of daily wear time that will leave you with some swelling by the time you resume EVEBRA wear the next day is 12 hours or 50% of the time.
40% Wear Time Graph: Having EVEBRA on for less time than having it off (less than 50% of the time) is one step forward one step backward without significant progress.
60% Wear Time Graph: Wearing the EVEBRA for more than 50% of the time will accelerate breast growth.
Missing a day of EVEBRA wear will cause significant loss of swelling that will require a couple of additional days of more than 50% wear to catch up and compensate.
EVEBRA is the ONLY scientifically proven method of non-surgical breast enlargement.
Peer reviewed medical journals (the gold standard for scientific validity) that prove the safety and efficacy of external vacuum expansion (EVE) induced breast enlargement.
  • Nonsurgical Breast Enlargement Using An External Soft-Tissue Expansion System
  • The Brava External Tissue Expander: Is Breast Enlargement Without Surgery a Reality?
  • Multicenter Evaluation of an External Tissue Expander System (Brava) for Breast Enlargement

Meet the inventor of Brava & EVEBRA, Dr. Roger Khouri, MD FACS

The Science Behind EVEBRA

The design principle of EVEBRA Device is rooted in the well-established biological principle of tension-induced tissue growth. Our body's tissues are constantly subjected to various mechanical forces, including gravity, atmospheric pressure, clothing, and movement. When healthy tissues experience a sustained and gentle force that applies additional tension, they sense the stretch and enlarge to restore their baseline tension state. This phenomenon is evident in childhood growth, where extremities enlarge as the bones lengthen and stretch the surrounding tissues. Conversely, damage to the growth plate impairs bone lengthening and stunts the growth of the affected extremity. Several surgically implanted medical devices depend upon this tension-induced tissue growth effect.

Using EVEBRA Device for only a few hours per day, even over an extended period, will not yield any significant breast enlargement. This is because the device induces temporary edema, or fluid retention, which causes a temporary increase in breast size. However, once the device is removed, the edema gradually dissipates, causing the breasts to return to their previous size. Reapplying EVEBRA Device will bring back the swelling, but it takes several hours for the edema to reach its previous peak level. Only after many additional hours of use will the breasts begin to enlarge beyond their previous peak size. Therefore, short-term usage of EVEBRA Device leads to minimal progress. It is crucial to understand that natural tissue growth is a slow gradual process that occurs over months and even years during puberty. EVEBRA Device does not accelerate this process but provides a means to maintain the necessary conditions for tissue growth. Successful results require patience, strict adherence to the recommended usage, and understanding that disappointing outcomes are usually a result of non-compliance rather than a failure of the underlying science.

While wearing EVEBRA Device, the breasts may appear significantly larger, but this enlargement following short-term use is primarily due to edema. This effect diminishes relatively quickly. Real growth is a slow process that occurs when the edema state is consistently maintained over a prolonged period. Medical Scientist know that chronic edema, stimulates fat deposition (this is why the edema of chronic lymphedema eventually turns into fat). From extensive clinical experience, we have observed that continuous intensive use yields approximately 1 ml (less than a tiny drop) of genuine tissue growth per day. To achieve breast augmentation comparable to the smallest 130 ml breast implant, approximately four months of continuous and intensive use is required.

Moreover, the amount of tissue stimulated to enlarge directly influences the extent of enlargement. For example, a small 50 ml AA cup breast aiming to gain an additional 100 ml (reaching 150 ml) needs to triple in size. On the other hand, a 300 ml B cup breast only requires a one-third increase to achieve the same 100 ml enlargement. Since a one third (33%), enlargement is significantly easier to attain than a tripling 300% increase, women with smaller breasts, who stand to benefit the most from EVEBRA Device, must exercise additional patience. However, other factors, such as breast laxity resulting from significant volume loss after breastfeeding, also contribute to the success of the expansion process, even in initially small-breasted individuals. In summary, the EVEBRA Device can help effectively enhance the breasts if used nearly continuously for at least 4-6 months. Although it may pose temporary inconveniences, the long-term result—a completely natural and aesthetically pleasing long lasting breast augmentation—makes the initial discomfort a worthwhile investment.

EVEBRA Device is ideally suited for women who comprehend and accept the compliance requirements and are committed to following the strict usage protocol. It is a device intended for individuals with realistic expectations, seeking a moderate increase in breast size through a natural process.  EVEBRA Device is not suitable for women desiring a substantial breast augmentation with initial breast cup size above D or those with specific medical conditions that may impede device usage.