BRAVA® Breast Enhancement and Shaping System:

The Original Non-Surgical Breast Enlargement Pump

What is the BRAVA Natural Breast Enhancement?

BRAVA enhancement device

A Groundbreaking Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement System

BRAVA gained recognition for its innovative and gentle approach to enhancing breast size and shape without the need for invasive surgery. Developed by top surgeon Dr. Roger Khouri, BRAVA Device offered women an alternative to traditional breast augmentation methods, promising natural breast enlargement without breast implants.

How Does BRAVA Breast Enhancement Work?

The BRAVA system utilized a unique approach known as tissue expansion to stimulate natural breast tissue growth. Consisting of external domes worn over the breasts, BRAVA applied gentle and sustained tension to the breast tissue, encouraging the development of new cells and promoting an increase in breast volume over time. Users would wear the device for a specified period each day, gradually achieving their desired results through consistent use.

Why is BRAVA no longer available?

While BRAVA was once a popular choice for nonsurgical breast enhancement, changes in regulatory classification by the FDA led to its discontinuation. Originally authorized for sale directly to consumers for breast enlargement, the FDA reclassified BRAVA as a Class III device when used to prepare the breast for fat grafting. This reclassification required extensive clinical research data for Class III approval, which the company was unable to obtain due to financial constraints. As a result, the FDA prohibited the sale of BRAVA for fat grafting, leading the company to cease operations. Consequently, BRAVA is no longer available for purchase.


The New and Improved Breast Enlargement Pump

In response to the discontinuation of BRAVA, Dr. Roger Khouri developed EVEBRA, the latest innovation in nonsurgical breast enhancement. Building upon the legacy of BRAVA, EVEBRA offers advanced features and proven results, empowering women to achieve their desired breast size and shape safely and effectively.

Comfortable Design

EVEBRA features a soft silicone rim instead of Brava's hard adhesive gel rim, providing a comfortable and snug fit without irritating your skin.

EVEBRA Breast Enlargement Pump

No Prescription Necessary

Unlike Brava, EVEBRA can be purchased directly from our online shop without the need of an appointment.


Perfect Fit

EVEBRA's adjustable bra ensures a perfect fit for any size. With its hook and eye closure, it offers customizable support and comfort during use, unlike Brava's zipper design.

Includes 4 Dome Sizes

Enjoy flexibility with EVEBRA's four interchangeable dome sizes. Start with a dome size similar to your original breast size for enhanced comfort and gradually adjust to wearing the device as your breasts enlarge.

Differences between BRAVA and EVEBRA are notable

EVEBRA addresses the potential skin irritation of Brava/EVE by replacing the adhesive with a soothing lubricating cream. This allows the device's contact surface to maintain the vacuum seal by gliding over the skin and wrapping around the torso without irritation, efficiently dissipating damaging shear forces and counter pressure.

Additionally, EVEBRA features a series of interchangeable domes. Users initiate their breast enlargement journey with a dome barely larger than their breast, contributing minimally to their normal bust size. As the breast gradually enlarges over time with consistent use, users progress to the next larger dome. This pattern continues, ensuring that EVEBRA is never much larger than the user's usual bra size.