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Join Thousands of Satisfied Customers Who Grew Their Breasts Naturally

EVEBRA Device represents a significant improvement over its predecessor, BRAVA. Building upon the legacy of the original Brava device, which has been utilized by over 100,000 women over the past 25 years, EVEBRA Device incorporates advancements and refinements to deliver enhanced results and improved user experience.

All After Photos Taken At Least 6 Months After They Stopped Using EVEBRA

Women wore the bra for 8-14 hours a day for 3-6 consecutive months. Their average breast volume increased by 50-120cc. These are the result of healthy breast growth.

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  • 100%

    Had a measurable permanent breast augmentation

  • 98%

    Were very happy with their larger breast shape

  • 95%

    Agreed that the effort was well worth it

  • 65%

    Had an enlargement comparable in size to an implant

Thousands of Success Stories

“I’m grateful to Dr. Khouri for creating this device and am really happy that I came across it. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a natural lift and a boost to their bust. This product does what it says it will do.”

Kristina M.

"If you want that fake Pamela Anderson look, this isn't the right thing, I'm never going to have surgery, and I got a half-cup growth. How can you be disappointed?"

Kathie K.

“I don’t believe in unnecessary surgery. And I also don’t believe in foreign particles implanted in your body if you don’t need them”

Linda L.

“I have without a doubt gotten a “lift”. My breast are definitely perkier and more shapely than before”

Kristina M.

“I have got a cleavage that I never had before, but it is subtle because it was a gradual growth. It is not for people who are lazy or who want overnight results.”

Christina A.

“The reason I chose to do the Evebra was because I had lost 30 lbs and my breasts appeared to deflate and I wasn’t happy with that but I also wanted to avoid surgery and find a more holistic approach.”

Kristina M.

Best product ever! Highly recommend.

“It actually worked! i’ve grown my own new breasts and I love them”

Laura B.