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EVEBRA Device represents a significant improvement over its predecessor, BRAVA. Building upon the legacy of the original Brava device, which has been utilized by over 100,000 women over the past 25 years, EVEBRA Device incorporates advancements and refinements to deliver enhanced results and improved user experience.
  • MRI scans of breasts with contrast in a patient before External Breast Expansion.

  • After 3 weeks of 16 hours/day of EVE use. Note the enlarged parenchyma and the marked increased vascularity.

Multi-center Evaluation of an External Tissue Expander System for Breast Enlargement

Roger K. Khouri, MD, Thomas J. Baker, MD, Rod J. Rohrich, MD


We aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the External Vacuum Expansion system in enlarging breast size. This involved a multi-center study to determine the factors contributing to successful outcomes.


A total of 125 women, aged 18-51, participated in the study across six clinical research centers in the US. They wore the External Vacuum Expansion system for more than 10 hours a day for at least 10 consecutive weeks. Regular assessments were conducted, including questionnaires, breast examinations, and volume measurements. Factors such as compliance with the treatment regimen and duration of use were analyzed.


95 women completed the treatment, with an average breast enlargement of 108ml. The results varied, with some achieving excellent outcomes, doubling their breast volume. Compliance with the treatment regimen and the duration of use were found to be significant factors influencing the degree of enlargement.


The study confirms the efficacy of the External Vacuum Expansion system in enlarging breast size. Compliance with the treatment protocol and consistent use over time are crucial for optimal results. The EVEBRA system offers a non-surgical option for moderate breast enlargement, particularly for patients who are committed to the treatment regimen.

This study highlights the importance of
consistent use of the device.

EVEBRA Breast enlargement graph

Women who wore it for over 80% of the time during a 10-week period achieved results comparable to those who wore it for only 50% of the time over 14 weeks.

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