Natural Breast Enlargement That Actually Works

By Dr. Roger Khouri, Renown Plastic Surgeon and The Inventor of BRAVA, Introduces The New and Much Improved EVEBRA

Dr. Susan Love, MD, FACS
Breast Cancer Specialist


“If you put this on the list of all things people might do to increase their breast size, this is probably less dangerous than a lot of them.”

Your Best Choice For Natural Breast Enlargement

EVEBRA applies a constant gentle pull on the breast to lift and increase the breast tissue volume by approximately one cup size. A natural, gentle, and painless process that grows tissue naturally over the course of 3 - 6 months.

The EVEBRA Transformation

All after photos are taken many months after the women have stopped using the device.

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Over 100,000 Satisfied Women

  • EVEBRA Stage one of Vacuum Breast Enlargement

    Before EVEBRA

    Baseline State

    Original small breast before treatment. The inset shows normal tissue density. The grape-like structure represents the glandular tissue, while the small yellow spots depict the fat lobules.

  • EVEBRA Stage two of Vacuum Breast Enlargement

    0-8 weeks of use

    Early EVEBRA effect

    Initiating the breast expansion process, EVEBRA creates a vacuum inside the domes that gently pulls the breast tissue outward. The figure above illustrates the loosening of normal tissue density as the tissues are gently stretched by the vacuum pull.

  • EVEBRA Stage three of Vacuum Breast Enlargement

    10-20 weeks of use

    Late EVEBRA effect

    Over time, the sustained vacuum pressure places the tissues under chronic tension. This sustained tension stimulates the tissues to enlarge and naturally respond by replacing it with our body's natural filler—fat.

  • EVEBRA Stage four of Vacuum Breast Enlargement

    Late result after stopping

    Post EVEBRA

    After discontinuing EVEBRA wear, the swelling edema gradually subsides, revealing the lasting real breast enlargement from the newly deposited fat. It is known in the scientific world that chronic edema is adipogenic (generates fat).

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  • Dr. Thomas J. Baker

    Dr. Thomas J. Baker

    was a distinguished plastic surgeon who significantly contributed to the development of the BRAVA system. His leadership as the lead clinical investigator helped push forward advancements in non-invasive breast aesthetics.

  • Dr._Ingrid_Schlenz

    Dr. Ingrid Schlenz

    a renowned plastic surgeon known for her research in breast augmentation techniques. She conducted a clinical study proving the efficacy of the BRAVA device, which contributed to the understanding of non-surgical breast enhancement methods in the medical community.

  • Dr. Rod J. Rohrich

    Dr. Rod J. Rohrich

    a board certified Dallas plastic surgeon and a Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery. He has served as the President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and has conducted a clinical study proving the safety of the BRAVA device.

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Thousands of Success Stories

“I’m grateful to Dr. Khouri for creating this device and am really happy that I came across it. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a natural lift and a boost to their bust. This product does what it says it will do.”

Kristina M.

"If you want that fake Pamela Anderson look, this isn't the right thing, I'm never going to have surgery, and I got a half-cup growth. How can you be disappointed?"

Kathie K.

“I don’t believe in unnecessary surgery. And I also don’t believe in foreign particles implanted in your body if you don’t need them”

Linda L.

“I have without a doubt gotten a “lift”. My breast are definitely perkier and more shapely than before”

Kristina M.

“I have got a cleavage that I never had before, but it is subtle because it was a gradual growth. It is not for people who are lazy or who want overnight results.”

Christina A.

“The reason I chose to do the Evebra was because I had lost 30 lbs and my breasts appeared to deflate and I wasn’t happy with that but I also wanted to avoid surgery and find a more holistic approach.”

Kristina M.

“It actually worked! i’ve grown my own new breasts and I love them”

Laura B.