The Inventor of BRAVA®*, Introduces The New and Much Improved EVEBRA®

EVEBRA is the ONLY device proven to enlarge your breasts without any surgery

EVEBRA applies a constant gentle pull on the breast to lift and increase the breast tissue volume by approximately one cup size.  A natural, gentle, and painless process that grows tissue naturally over the course of 4 months.

  • 1. Clinically Proven

    EVEBRA's efficacy is proven by multiple clinical studies published in the most authoritative scientific medical journals.

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  • 2. Reviewed by the FDA

    EVEBRA, and it's precursor BRAVA, are the only non-surgical breast enlargement devices reviewed by the FDA in the past 45 years.

  • 3. Proven Results

    Over 20 years and 100,000 women from all over the world have benefitted from the device.

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  • 4. Multiple Patents

    EVEBRA's innovative engineering has been awarded multiple patents.



  • 5. Physician Recognized

    Independent highly respected medical authorities have deemed it as the safest breast enlargement alternative.

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    Read about the External Vacuum Expander (EVE), the revolutionary system to enlarge breasts non-surgically.

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EVEBRA is based upon the same clinical principle as the original BRAVA but it's engineering is markedly improved:

Much less skin irritation

To maintain the vacuum seal, EVEBRA uses a soothing lubricating cream that replaces the sticky skin irritating adhesive of BRAVA.

Easier to conceal under clothes

EVEBRA does not stick out much more than your padded bra. That is because EVEBRA comes with a series of progressively larger interchangeable domes. Start with the smallest easy to conceal dome that is not much larger than your breast. Then as your breast gradually enlarges, replace the smaller domes with stepwise larger ones.

Much more comfortable to wear

Hundreds of women who used BRAVA in the past confirm EVEBRA is far more comfortable.

It is worn like a bra

Compared to the BRAVA domes which needed to be stuck on the breast one side at a time, EVEBRA domes are connected to a brassiere garment, and once set up, are placed on the chest like a bra.