Non-Surgical Natural Breast Augmentation

By Dr. Roger Khouri, The Inventor of BRAVA®, Introduces The New and Much Improved EVEBRA® - External Vacuum Expander (EVE) BRA




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*Patents: US11793245B2 & US11547155B2
Multiple additional patents pending

Revolutionizing Breast Enlargement

EVEBRA introduces a groundbreaking approach to natural breast enlargement, emphasizing a non-surgical method that leverages tension-induced tissue growth. This innovative device offers women a safe alternative to traditional breast augmentation, avoiding the risks associated with surgery and implants. By focusing on enhancing breast tissue naturally, EVEBRA represents a significant advancement in cosmetic breast augmentation, providing a path to increased breast size and confidence without the need for invasive procedures.

EVEBRA is the ONLY scientifically proven method of non-surgical breast enlargement.
Peer reviewed medical journals (the gold standard for scientific validity) that prove the safety and efficacy of external vacuum expansion (EVE) induced breast enlargement.

Your Best Choice For Natural Breast Enlargement

EVEBRA applies a constant gentle pull on the breast to lift and increase the breast tissue volume by approximately one cup size. A natural, gentle, and painless process that grows tissue naturally over the course of 4 - 6 months.

Why EVEBRA is the best option for breast enlargement

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Clinically Proven
Reviewed by the FDA
Scientifically Proven
Multiple Patents
Physician Recognized
Minimal Side Effects
*Results may vary. Individual reactions to products can differ. Consult a healthcare professional if you have concerns.

EVEBRA was created by a world-renowned plastic surgeon to offer women an excellent alternative for breast enlargement.

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  • Before EVEBRA
    Baseline State

    Original small breast before treatment. The inset shows normal tissue density. The grape-like structure represents the glandular tissue, while the small yellow spots depict the fat lobules.

  • 0-8 weeks of use
    EVEBRA Stage two of Vacuum Breast Enlargement
    Early EVEBRA effect

    Initiating the breast expansion process, EVEBRA creates a vacuum inside the domes that gently pulls the breast tissue outward. The figure above illustrates the loosening of normal tissue density as the tissues are gently stretched by the vacuum pull.

  • 10-20 weeks of use
    EVEBRA Stage three of Vacuum Breast Enlargement
    Late EVEBRA effect

    Over time, the sustained vacuum pressure places the tissues under chronic tension. This sustained tension stimulates the tissues to enlarge and naturally respond by replacing it with our body's natural filler—fat.

  • Late result after stopping
    EVEBRA Stage four of Vacuum Breast Enlargement
    Post EVEBRA

    After discontinuing EVEBRA wear, the swelling edema gradually subsides, revealing the lasting real breast enlargement from the newly deposited fat. It is known in the scientific world that chronic edema is adipogenic (generates fat).

Over 100,000 women from around the world have benefited from this device

Incorporating EVEBRA After Breast Reconstruction or Explant Surgery

For women who have embarked on breast reconstruction through autologous fat transfer, EVEBRA is great supplementary device, designed to further enhance and enlarge breast tissue post-procedure. It is also a phenomenal tool for individuals transitioning from breast implants explantation, seeking to embrace a natural contour and volume.

The EVEBRA Effect: Results

All after photos are taken many months after the women have stopped using the device.

See the incredible transformations achieved with tissue expansion with our before and after photos from clinical studies. These images vividly display the natural breast enhancement possible through tension-induced tissue growth, without the need for surgical intervention. View the remarkable changes in breast size and shape that our customers have enjoyed, illustrating the device's efficacy in providing a fuller, more natural appearance.

The History of Breast Augmentation




BRAVA Breast Enhancement and Shaping System

Our history in enhancing breast health and aesthetics began with the BRAVA device, an innovative precursor that utilized gentle suction to encourage breast tissue growth. This foundational technology paved the way for EVEBRA, our advanced solution offering natural breast enlargement without surgery. Leveraging the principles of tension-induced tissue growth, we've continued to evolve, ensuring our commitment to safety, efficacy, and satisfaction.

Enlarge your breasts with EVEBRA to avoid potential risks associated with Breast Implant Illness (BII)

Breast implant illness is a condition that, though not fully understood, can lead to debilitating symptoms. EVEBRA, a groundbreaking soft gel-like bra, offers a non-invasive and scientifically proven method for natural breast enlargement.

Unlike traditional breast implants that may pose risks, EVEBRA is based upon the safe and natural tension-induced growth principle. It is painless, and its effectiveness is supported by thousands of patients and extensive scientific validation.

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