How To Measure Your Breast Size

1. Measure yourself to determine your standard cup size

The standard method of measuring your breast cup size is following:

  1. Measure your chest circumference under the arms. This will determine the band size.
  2. Measure your chest circumference again at the level of the nipples. The difference in inches between the two measurements is your cup size.

For Example:
A band size of 34 inches and nipple circumference of 36 inches means you should be a 34B brassiere. Each 1-inch difference is a cup size: 36-34 = 2 inches or B cup. Your standard bra size should be a 34B.

1 inch = A2 2 inches = B3 3 inches = C4 4 inches = D

2. Estimate your actual breast volume

Based upon the bra cup measured above, determine your current breast volume from the provided chart.

3. Estimate your augmentation result

  1. Immediately after removing EVEBRA, determine your maximal expansion volume using the measurement in A and the table in B.
  2. Your final augmentation is expected to be 2/3 of that volume.

This method only provides an approximative estimation. Individual results can vary based upon many factors that can never be fully controlled.